One Superfood Shortbread


One Superfood Shortbread

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One Superfood Shortbread

7 Super Foods + Protein
Containing 7 healthy ingredients plus insect protein, these treats are like a super food smoothie in a biscuit and with a mouth-watering taste your pooch will never suspect a thing. Natural goodness for natural wellness.
Superfood Shortbreads are a great way to increase your pet’s nutritional variety to ensure they are eating all the nutrients they need. Perfect for training, an on-the-go energy boost these treats can be easily broken into bite-sized portions or eaten whole.
Made with carbon-neutral insect protein, you can help to create a greener planet one tasty treat at a time. Sustainability has never tasted so good.
• Contains carbon neutral insect protein
• Made in Australia
• Contains all-natural ingredients
• Includes mix of superfoods for added health benefits
• Minimally processed for maximum taste and nutrition
Insect Protein is equally as nutritious as high quality meats such as chicken and fish. It is a good source of balanced amino acids and healthy fats.
30% of all food produced globally goes to waste in landfill. 7,000,000 tonnes of food is wasted every year in Australia alone. This wastage creates massive carbon emissions. Our Insect Protein reduces food waste and helps to save the planet.
Protein is a crucial part of every healthy diet but traditional plant and animal protein sources are straining the environment with their demand for resources. Our protein is CARBON NEUTRAL which means that we use a sustainable protein source to benefit the environment. Our protein is NUTRITIOUS, meeting or exceeding the nutritional profile of traditional protein sources.

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