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Liver Support – PetzPark


Liver Support for dogs is designed to relieve symptoms, slow the deterioration of liver disease and enhance blood detoxification.  

Features just three ingredients: Beetroot Powder, Schizandra Chinesis Extract and Milk Thistle Extract. 

  • Helps the liver’s natural detoxifying process and activity. Supports healing and aids in the management of compromised liver biomarkers.
  • Helps liver tissue to recuperate faster after being exposed to damaging chemicals. Designed to stimulate the growth of new liver cells and decrease liver tumour cell division.
  • Includes Beetroot powder to help increase healthy bile production.
  • This formula aims to protect liver cells from damage from medication and environmental toxins.

⚠️ NOTE: Can be used if dog is not experiencing symptoms of liver disease for prevention purposes.

How long will a pouch last?

Dog’s Weight 45 Scoops  90 Scoops 
0-11kgs 13 weeks 26 weeks
11-27kgs 6 weeks 13 weeks
27-36kgs 3 weeks 6 weeks
Over 36kgs 2 weeks 4 weeks

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Liver Support

45 Scoops, 90 Scoops


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