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Hip + Joint – PetzPark


Hip + Joint – PetzPark

Hip + Joint is a grain-free joint supplement designed to help with common joint related problems such as arthritis, hip dysplasia and growing pains. 

It has shown benefits to dogs displaying signs of joint diseases such as:

  • Difficulty getting up after lying down
  • Lameness in one or more legs
  • Difficulty climbing stairs
  • Unwillingness to exercise
  • Irritation when touched or petted


 800mg GLUCOSAMINE (per scoop): Helps to restore joints and deter discomfort caused by arthritis and hip dysplasia.

❌ 400mg MSM (per scoop): A natural anti-inflammatory which is included in high quantities, making Hip + Joint very unique and effective.

 400mg CHONDROITIN (per scoop): Helps to stimulate cartilage growth and elasticity, ensuring adequate shock absorption and nourishment to the joints. 

 MADE IN AUSTRALIA: Hip and Joint is manufactured right here in Australia. This powerful formula is suited to dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes.

Ingredients used in this product are known to lubricate dog’s joints and repair cartilage that has been worn down as a result of ageing, arthritis, hip dysplasia or even trauma. This formula also aims to support dogs as they grow to minimise their growing pain.

How long will a pouch last?

Dog’s Weight 45 Scoops  90 Scoops 
0-11kgs 13 weeks 26 weeks
11-27kgs 6 weeks 13 weeks
27-36kgs 3 weeks 6 weeks
Over 36kgs 2 weeks 4 weeks

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Hip + Joint

45 Scoops, 90 Scoops


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