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Want to know if dogs can eat tomatoes or how to make bone broth? Got a new puppy on the way and need a shopping list? There are some helpful free to download doggy guides below.

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New puppy guide and shopping list

Getting a new puppy is always super exciting. There are so many things to get to be ready for your new arrival. Use this handy shopping guide to help you prepare.


Can dogs eat this?

Can dogs eat tomatoes, chocolate or ice cream? What is a good natural treat I can give my dog? Is it ok to feed my puppy blueberries? Download the guide for a list of foods you can safely feed your dog.

Best Bone broth recipe

Bone Broth is an excellent immune system booster supporting good joint health and digestive issues. All natural chemical free goodness for you and your dog!

Colloidal Silver

A brief introduction

Colloidal Silver has a long history for usage in wellness remedies for hundreds of years and there are many articles to access over the internet in support of its usage. Here is guide with a brief introduction into the some of the many uses it has been known to assist with.

Toxic plants list

Quite a few people are unaware of how toxic some plants are for dogs. This list gives a good example of the many dangerous plants you need to be aware of and explains what symptoms to look out for if you think your dog may be having a reaction.


Slippery Elm A brief introduction

Why is Slippery Elm handy to have in the cupboard? Slippery Elm Bark Powder has been used as a herbal remedy for centuries and is a must-have for all dog owners. It comes from a tree found in eastern North America.