About Doggy Devoted

We want to help you have healthy happy dogs with chemical free options. We will provide handy doggy information guides to download for free and offer a range of gifts to purchase for all dog lovers. Are you doggy devoted?

Products to keep your fur baby safe, healthy and happy. Unique and fun gifts for dog lovers of all ages.


Doggy Devoted was born from the frustration of not being able to source the best quality healthy products for Leia, the Cavoodle. I want to share my knowledge and research with you about better dog care and provide options for everyone to give their dog quality healthy treats and safe chemical free dog products. Every dog deserves the best and it is up to us to look after them the best we can. The dried animal based dog treats we stock help to keep your dogs teeth and gums in prime condition and lessen your sometimes costly dental visits. They are tasty and healthy to eat because they are all-natural, preservative and additive free. Some of the chew treats are also good for keeping your dog busy or winding them down at night. Leia is the official taste tester and whilst being a fussy eater has approved all the treats in our range. Supervision is always recommended when giving dogs treats.

The dog products range is safe to use because the products are chemical free with all-natural ingredients. This helps you to eliminate or minimize allergic reactions and keeps their skin and coat in prime condition. There are also some products that offer natural remedies for healing and wellness that are made by qualified naturopaths.

The gift ware range is designed just for you for being such a good fur parent! Lots of unique and sometimes personalized gifts for you and all dog lovers to enjoy. I will be adding more gifts and products all the time to give you plenty of options. I hope you will also take a look at the helpful doggy guides I have designed for a range of dog related topics. I will be adding more regularly and feel free to download and share with all your furiends. Please contact us with any questions, suggestions or feedback. You can also join our V.I.P. mailing list for special offers and be first to get a sneak peek at any new products arriving. Thank you for supporting an Australian small business using lots of Australian made products. We love to hear from you direct and hope you enjoy the Doggy Devoted range.

Gifts and treats for the besties

Gifts and healthy dog treats for your favourite family member.

Looking for gifts?


We have breed specific gifts for the human members of the pack like T-Shirts and mugs.

We also have our Doggy Hampers which make a great gift for new fur parents or doggy parties!