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Healthy Dog treats

Healthy tasty all-natural dog treats made in Australia with 100% Australian ingredients! 1 Ingredient dog treats with 0 Nasties! Help keep your dogs teeth and gums in prime condition whilst providing essential nutrients and minerals.

Natural Products and Wellness remedies

How about some all-natural chemical free shampoo and conditioner? Are you looking for some natural healing and wellness for your dog? Do you know the many uses for Colloidal Silver or Slippery Elm, we have them here.

Gorgeous unique gifts

Show everyone how devoted you are to your dog with unique t-shirts, mugs, stubby holders, jewellery and more. Doggy Hampers can be custom made for every occasion. 

Healthy dogs information


Colloidal Silver can be used on humans, but can it be used on dogs? Is it only safe if used externally? Click here to find out more



Can dogs eat tomatoes, chocolate or ice cream? What plants are toxic to dogs? Safe foods and plant guides here.




Are you getting a new puppy and not sure how to prepare? Download our New Puppy guide for some handy tips which also includes a shopping list.


Looking for unique gifts?

Doggy Hampers for all occasions, T-shirts, mugs, jewellery, stubby holders and lots of other goodies available in the online shop

We came across Doggy Devoted at the Eynesbury Market and bought a lick mat for our 11month old Husky pup Luna. She loves her lick mat and I am impressed by the quality.
We then attended the Wallan Market just for Doggy Devoted so we can try their doggy treats! Well Luna absolutely loved the beef ear & cow hoof, So we just had to order our bulk order!
Highly recommend Doggy Devoted! Super friendly, easy to talk to and can have a good chat! Really informative with products, and suggestions on what to buy for our girl.


 Teddy, our greyhound, loves his squeaky toy birthday set. The cake is his favourite, and the balloon never far away. We are working through the sample pack of the treats, all have been a success so far too. So good that they are not full of salt, sugar, fillers, or artificial nasties.



Zeus (my bull Arab) absolutely loved the treat sample pack that I received with my order. I’m buying Zeus’s treat from doggydevoted from now on, I want to support a local Australian business. The colloidal silver I purchased has helped Zeus’s skin allergy. Vanessa (the owner) has been fantastic to deal with and helpful with advice.